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One wall was copied from the mural that appears in the Tynietoy mansion while the other walls feature scenes from the Delaware Valley landscape where I lived with my husband and troublesome cat on the north side of the Musconetcong Mountain.Now that I am in CT, I have just I was presented with an unusual opportunity around Thanksgiving 2016 when out of the blue, I received an email from the son of the late Gretchen Deans.My collection currently numbers about a dozen dolls' houses.I recently moved and downsized my REAL house and have been letting some things go, so I've sold off all my commerical antique and vintage houses but two.When it comes to purchasing items on the antique or collectible market, the buyer should do a lot of research before handing over any money.

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However, it should be known that the label “antique”, “vintage” or “collectible” has no real effect on the value of an item.Read our more comprehensive guide to what makes something antique, collectible or vintage here.There has been a debate over what an antique is for years.The value of an item is determined more by whether there is a demand for it.There are very rare antiques which are sold for much less than a newer collectible, but this is because there is no demand for the rare antique and a high demand for the newer collectible.

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