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It will also be indicated in your phone call or email notice which you will receive the day after the hold becomes available.

Holds will stay on the shelf until the end of business on the expiry date.

The number of copies owned by the library is displayed below your position.

This depends on the availability of the item and/or the number of people ahead of you on the waiting list.

There will be no Place Hold button, but you will see a date when it will be available for holds.Some calls for service will be, or are being, excluded for privacy reasons, including calls respecting domestic violence, sexual assault, or medical distress.Others calls may be excluded because they are part of an ongoing police operation. By clicking on a dot, you will see the type of call, the date/time of the call, the Division in which it occurred and nearby streets/nearest intersection.When your hold has the description "1 of 25", it means that you are the first person of 25 on the waiting list for that title.If you are "24 of 25", you are the 24th person of 25 people on the waiting list.

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