Dating a widow with kids

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The paying sites such as Match, Zoosk and Soulmates seemed far better in terms of the quality of conversation and there was a greater level of trust, gained by the security of knowing everyone had entered credit card details.However, the difficulties of online dating in my situation were apparent very quickly: marital status is very prominent on the sites.Dealing with the loss of a spouse is bad enough, but seeing your children suffer – waking from nightmares about their mum, crying uncontrollably without warning, getting upset at school at the slightest trigger – is even worse.Mother's Day became the most dreaded day of the year.

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For others, it can take much longer to feel ‘normal’ again.

And you are most probably facing a huge array of practical challenges too – from raising children alone to simply paying the household bills.

Drawing on the experiences gathered from WAY members over the past 18 years, we have compiled some practical tips to help young widows and widowers navigate the first few weeks, months and years after their partner has died.

For many people joining WAY, it’s a relief to know that we’re not alone in the range of emotions and practical challenges we’re facing.

If we’ve had a bad day, we can rant about it on WAY’s closed Facebook group – and other members will respond with a word of advice or a virtual hug.

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