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Many women have made negative comments that parallel the "single mother" comments: "Every time I dated a guy with kids they didn't want any more. " "Did anyone stop to consider that they might be single dads for a reason?

Here are some of the others: 15 Reasons to Date a Librarian Xn ZUQ 15 Reasons to Date a Cancer ZUQ 15 Reasons to Date a Lawyer ZUQ 15 Reasons to Date a Pharmacist ZUQ 15 Reasons to Date a Veterinarian ZUQ 15 Reasons to Date a Therapist ZUQ 15 Reasons to Date a Nurse Xn ZUQ 15 Reasons to Date a Writer FXn ZUQ There's also a "15 Reasons" article for single dads; here it is: GVXn ZUQ Here are some of the comments.

The few in my situation whom I’ve talked to don’t seem to have any real answers.

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NOT EVEN THE REASON WHY SHE WAS ABLE TO HAVE THE KIDS. Moms make the best lasagna and give the best back rubs. YOU ARE STILL NOTHING OR AT BEST, A MEANS TO AN END. You’ll get to take part in adventures to amusement parks, the zoo and the park. Gimme one reason to be in a relationship where I will never come 1st. Having a child doesn't magically transform every guy into a selfless, caring mature, responsible man." "I don't date single dads.

Even when I don’t, I am generally just discouraged by my lack of time and a feeling that as happy and fulfilling as my life is (and it truly is both), it would be quite a lot to ask another person to sign up for it.

And so, again, I wonder how other single parents do it.

I have never been one to date for the sake of dating. If I’m going out on dates, I’m looking for something more than that.

But is it even possible to have something more than that, given the logistics of my life? When I do log in to OKCupid, I end up browsing through matches, but I never contact them, or even respond to the rare message someone sends me.

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