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If you pass by Bangkok without experiencing a soapy massage, is like going to Paris and not visiting the “Eiffel Tower.” I don’t have to tell you that Thailand is a traditional country in many ways, well reputed for oil, aromatic and foot massages.In contrast, the infamous soapy massage has nothing to do with therapy, but only pleasure for men enjoying water sports.

Frequently visited by tourists from all over the world, this massage parlor is the longest running soapy massage parlor in Sukhumvit (near Nana Plaza).They have more than 80 girls (not all at the same time, some they might have a day off) that you can pick from and Annie’s girls are well-known for their high level of sexual service.With an open attitude, free Wi Fi and a fully-stocked bar, this massage parlor is definitely worth a visit.By the way, talking about experiences, my first soapy massage was a memorable one. It all started in the afternoon on my second day trip to Bangkok, six years ago.I got into a taxi with in mind to try out the infamous soapy massage after a friend of mine highly recommended it.

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