Dating a man with a history of domestic violence

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Since men are stronger physically than women, the women were usually the inferior ones that were taken advantage of.

If you go back to Roman Times, if a wife was to ever cheat on her husband in the past, she could be sentenced to death.

If the police were ever involved, they usually would leave it to be resolved by the family.

Even though many years had passed from the Roman Times and middle ages, wife beatings are still seen as acceptable by some groups in society.

They would arrest and convict those who were guilty of domestic violence.

If you look in today’s society, not much has changed.

Domestic violence is a large social issue in the United States today, as well as all over the world.

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They continue to put up with the abuse and learn ways to cope with it.The second stage of the cycle of violence is the physical violence and battery.The abuser loses control and becomes extremely violent to the victim.These are various factors that can cause domestic violence.When domestic violence occurs there are different types of abuse that can take place. Physical violence includes slapping, kicking, or anything that is intended to physically injure the person.

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