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The (Western) women that shared their experiences with me always mentioned the abundant longing for brand clothing, gadgets, fancy dinners and money for family and hospital bills.On behalf of the Filipino people I must say, this is probably more a poor-country-kind of thing than a gender thing: faking a loving relationship in order to improve yourself. Egyptian and Turkish young men, romancing the money out of middle aged women pockets in resorts over there) There are many women feeling tricked by their lover worldwide. They have a huge appetite for sex and if not available at home, they easily get it elsewhere.To those that wonder if Western women are interested in Filipino’s I’d like to say: some are, some aren’t.I answered a readers question on that topic, the article you can find here.They promise you the world only to accomplish nothing.They speak words without overseeing the bigger picture and they will do or say almost anything to make you feel good, pass a guilt trip on you and play you emotionally.The guys I dates were absolute romantic and overwhelmingly caring while dating.

For me it is clear that It is their insecurity that makes them very controlling combined with their knowledge that their fellow citizens are wanting to proof their manhood.. The men in their own country are known to be untrustworthy and dreamers.Modern men, living in the mainstream of modern life have already changed a lot and become more and more adjusted to a balanced relationship.Sharing more and more their deepest thoughts and emotions, and by doing so building an intimate relationship.In their urge to please you, they make sure they get it ‘their way’ or things come their way.Do Filipina’s have a name to scam (manipulate) foreigners, Filipino men are an upcoming group in that subject.

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