Dating a childhood friend

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I took a few months off work and we did NT, South Australia and WA in the back of his ute canopy.”Following their trip, in July last year Michael asked Kasey if she'd like to go for breakfast down on Eimeo beach, a ritual they had started to do every once in a while.' He just laughed and said 'yes I'm sure'.”The pair decided on an intimate wedding, to be held on Eimeo Beach where they both grew up, and right where Michael had proposed.At first they thought of eloping, but then decided instead to include close family members, which ended up making their day even more special."We were married on April 21 and chose the beach because it carried a lot of meaning to both of us,” Kasey said."We had 20 guests come along, all family.This finding left me wondering whether this distinction between liking/friendship and desiring/attraction could be behind other romantic issues as well.After all, many individuals find it difficult to avoid or get out of the "friend zone" and build a romantic connection with a friend (see here and here).

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