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The sea ice extent was at a second record all time low, why is ice growth still happening at a rate that is higher than the 1981-2010 average. If the arctic was so much warmer according to the graph – for Nov-Dec – yet when I look at the same time period and see that at the start of November there was only 7.103 million sq km compared to the average of 9.641 million sq km, I can clearly see that it was 2.538 million sq km below normal.

However at the Dec 30 mark the average had grown to 13.525 million sq km and in 2016 it had grown to 12.403 million sq km.

The input to this unique device is our universally acclaimed High Impedance, Unity Gain, Class A, Buffer Preamp with it's superior RFI rejecting capability (to eliminate Radio Station interference) and Low Impedance output, allowing the use of extended cable runs from the G-2™ in bypass mode.

The fixed High Impedance load presented to the Guitar allows the pickups to operate at their optimum, even when several effects units are connected after the G-2™.

Then adding the rest of your effects, you may find that you need to make slight adjustments to these as they are now being fed with a constant signal when the G-2™ is in Bypass Mode.

And the wiring diagram for buffered bypass with all the peripheral wiring removed to simplify it.

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The G-2™ with its warm Germanium qualities and higher gain starts at around the rhythmic crunch stage of the SS-3™ and continues through in controllable degrees to a rounded but dynamic lead.

The output from Volume 2 of the G2 will go to 3PDT lugs 3 and 6, and the output socket connects to 3PDT lugs 2 and 5.

The third pole of the 3PDT is used for LED switching.

But in a given year snow coverage could jump drastically in one week due to storm systems passing across the country. Or consider ice thickness on Lake Michigan-a week or two of very cold weather and suddenly its thick enough to walk on.

Here's a collection of vero (stripboard) and tagboard guitar and bass effect layouts that we have put together covering many classic and popular effects in growing numbers.

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