Dating 1965s dating and mind games

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India on the other hand claims Pakistani troops mounted a heavy attack on their Sardar Post.

A ceasefire agreement signed on June 30, 1965 was aimed at defusing the tension along Gujarat.

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The BBC report also quotes an Indian government spokesman as saying: Our policy is that when Pakistan has bases from which it is mounting attacks on our territory we have to destroy those bases.

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There have been reports of the Indian Air Force in action, striking against military targets, including an oil tanker train, a group of military vehicles, a goods train carrying supplies, an army camp and some gun positions.Brigadier (retd) Shaukat Qadir who served in the Pakistan Air Force has written a four-part analysis of the war.He says Pakistan President Ayub Khan may have been compelled by Foreign Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to sanction Operation Gibraltar, against better judgement, because he had lost a lot of political ground.September 1, 1965: With its covert operation having failed miserably, Pakistan launched Operation Grand Slam in the Chamb sector of Akhnoor.Regarded as the finest example of an offensive battle in the Indo-Pak context, the Battle of Chamb provided a huge morale booster to the Pakistan Army.

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