Datarow rowstate not updating

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Also we can create multiple Data Views for any given Data Table.

Using a Data View, you can expose the data in a table with different sort orders, and you can filter the data by row state or based on a filter expression. The following C# source code shows how to update data in a Data View .

I was asked to update a business rule to allow a specific column to be added.

Because our datalayer uses only Data Sets as an interface to the database that is what we work with in the business layer.

You can review the following SC tickets for more information: rowdeleted missing Detect all grid row changes?

To detect that a record was deleted, please handle the events provided by your data source.

After all validation has passed and the row is valid, the Row Updated event is raised.

In the test project you send, you proposed this solution try catch But this code does not avoid the user from leaving the row with the changes posted in case of an error. The row is marked as Unchanged because it isn't yet stored in the data source.

I have read the documentation on validating the a row, but the problem is that in that moment of the application, the row state is marked as unchaged- To make myself clearer, when adding a row, the e. I've created a sample project based on the code you provided to illustrate what I'm talking about. The problem with your example is that if the user press Ok when the message box is shown, then the user can leave focus from the row, leving the row with an error. I have read all the documentation on the Validate Row Event, and i did not find a way to get the changes there I am sending a test project based on your own, but with what i want to achieve. This event is intended to immediately save the row into the initial data storage.

Thanks You mention that inside the Row Update the Row State is marked as unchanged when infact it is marked as Modified.private void grid View1_Row Updated(object sender, Dev Express. This is what I think you do in the code you posted earlier. That's why you cannot continue editing it and prevent from being changed.

The actual removal occurs when the application calls the Accept Changes method.

By using Delete, you can programmatically check which rows are marked for deletion before actually removing them.

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