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Includes some of the same sections and photographs, but completely revised and updated."They had walked the length and breadth of the campus that warm May afternoon in 1957, seeking a site for a university auditorium that was as yet only an improbable dream... Wright studied the grassy area in momentary silence, noting its circular frontage bounded by a busy highway, and then declared: I believe this is the site.

(ST#20-9) 10) Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium (1959 - S.432) 2004. The ramp extending out 200 feet from the auditorium.Label pasted to verso: "The outer roof off of the newly dedicated Grady Gammage Memorial auditorium at Tempe, Ariz., Is supported by 50 precast concrete columns, each 55 feet high.Two pedestrian bridges (only one is visible) are linked to the main building. It took 25 months to complete at a cost of .46 million. Photographed during the opening ceremonies in September 1964. 1966.) Front: "Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona". Aerial view of Tempe and the Arizona State University Campus.Each bridge has gold arcs and circles which house light fixtures. ASU celebrated its grand opening on September 18, 1964. Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium 1975 (1959 - S.432). The smaller circular section intersects the Northeast side of the auditorium and houses the stage and classrooms. The beautiful Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, is in the center of the view.Arizona Photographic Association, Inc." Stamped on clipping: "Oct 18 1964." Hand written on verso: "Frank Lloyd Wright Bldgs designed by him." Stamped on verso: Please credit: Photos By Herb & Dorothy Mc Laughlin. The exterior is covered in Roman brick, and is broken only by a thin row of half circular windows. (Published late 60's) (Constructed in 1964, the building is named for Dr. To the right of "A" Mountain in the background is the Sundevil Stadium packed with football fans, watching the post season Fiesta Bowl game. Plastichrome(R) (Constructed between 1962-1964, and opened in 1964 the building is named for Dr. The area between the columns and glass doors on the left is the colonnade.

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