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Blue Lan I find Blue really off-putting in stills (his jaw just jumps out at me), and I think his acting is cavalier and heavy-handed.

Even with these perceptions of him, when I watch him onscreen, somehow I have the urge to keep on watching.

i didnt noe that shes married..n theres a website ive read they even did it secretly.. and this pic from this web but the groom is diff i think..

but this(above) image,the husband is familiar to me..i think i saw him in some kind a drama o smthn..he's so hot!

He’s a daring actor that isn’t afraid to act out any scene.Next up for Ethan is his final project before doing his mandatory military service – the movie, which will reunite him with his Monga director and co-star Mark Chao (female lead is rumored to be either Zhou Xun or Vicky Zhao Wei), Mark Chao Talk about a bullet to stardom – he burst out of nowhere to land the coveted co-starring role in (playing Yin Xiong to Zai Zai’s Pi Zi – originally Yin Xiong was given to Jerry Yan, who declined).It was his first acting role, and he had incredible screen presence and great chemistry with his co-stars Zai Zai and Sonia Sui.A reserved and introverted person in real life, he nevertheless is a method actor who lives and breathes any character he plays.His acting is soulful and riveting – he gave a career-topping performance in B&W that I still get goosebumps when I think about.

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