Create a slogan with hivaids prevention dating and love

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Kim's law suit brought her increased attention from AIDS Denialists.

Kim followed the path of AIDS Denialism all the way to the poor house.

They said I was not in any risk group, and it would most likely turn out to be negative when I was given the “confirmatory” test.

They wanted to know if I’d been recently pregnant, but they didn’t inform me of anything else that could cause a false positive result.......

Kim was referred to a well known HIV/AIDS specialist, Dr.

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AIDS Denialists are now scrambling to explain Kim's declining health, especially because of her portrayal in House of Numbers.Here I was a heterosexual female, non-drug user, non-prostitute, and I was really giving them a problem.Then they told me it was just a “screening” test, which was called an ELISA.I was finally taken to a private exam room by two women.They apologized for making me wait for so long and then explained that the reason for my wait was because they were trying to figure out how to handle the situation. Almost everyone who tests positive is either gay or on drugs or suspects they are positive for some reason.

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