Cracking dating sites

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They force guys to choose more carefully, so, as Justin put it, “You have to stay in your league.” Then there’s variations on the theme, like Like Bright, which vouches for guys who are single, and The Complete.Me, which, when it launches, will pull from your social graph to get a picture of you and use that info to hook you up with other people.Nerve started out as a singles publication, and now they’re trying to create a dating site – but it’s cool and young and hip and casual, so it could succeed.Sparkology is an invite-only site based on an economic model – girls pay /month and guys pay /communication so the hot girls don’t get bombarded with a million messages.Yet no one can get anything off the ground – for a variety of reasons.” I met Mc Leod at where he is working on an online dating startup with a completely new business model that launches next month.He has done an exhaustive amount of research, a must for any startup, no matter your concept or target market (Mc Leod has both nailed down).

As entrepreneur Justin Mc Leod told me, “There have been so many startups in the space because everyone recognizes that the traditional dating model is broken – at least for the 18-35 demographic.OKCupid, which was acquired by last year, uses a fun question-and-answer system to build up your profile, so it skirts the tedious survey required for a profile.It’s casual and free – but because of that, there are a lot of people using it who aren’t serious – and there are a lot of dead profiles.“It spreads like wildfire when launched – especially if at a school – but does not retain users,” Mc Leod explained.“Users join, list their crushes, and maybe have a couple successes – but have no reason to go back to the site or stay engaged.

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