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Improved Filter Options Another new feature that goes hand in hand with this particular design update is the new filter optionā€”something else I wanted to see added to the site.

As there is so much data to sift through with Copenda searching across so many networks, filtering through the search results is key for the user experience.

Copenda, a unique social people search engine, today announced major upgrades to the site that will make it easier to find and connect with people on the Internet.

Copenda is the first search engine that allows people to view profiles from multiple social networking and dating sites in one place.

The new features integrated into the site allows for effortless communication between sites to occur.

Copenda breaks down the virtual wall that currently exists between social networking sites.

One complaint I had about Copenda's design upon its launch was the fact that the search results resembled a table to be dissected instead of an easily consumed set of matches to consider.Search API Another important update is the provision of a Search API, which includes mobile support.So other networks and applications can leverage Copenda's niche people search for various use cases.In all, Copenda is beginning to look a lot more like your average people search, just targeted towards finding people for dating purposes.I think this is the best route to go for such a search tool, as it allows for a lot of growth in multiple directions, including personalized feed updates, profile agregation, and a unique set of data that could prove useful to advertisers.

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