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An affine function may have a nonzero value when the independent variables are zero.Examples: y = 2x is linear in x, whereas y = 2x 7 is an affine function of x. Contexts: real analysis affine pricing: A pricing schedule where there is a fixed cost or benefit to the consumer for buying more than zero, and a constant per-unit cost per unit beyond that.Source: Penson, Capps, and Rosson, 1996; Hallam, 1998 Contexts: agricultural economics; fields AIC: abbreviation for Akaike's Information Criterion Contexts: econometrics; time series; estimation AJS: An abbreviation for the American Journal of Sociology.Contexts: journals Akaike's Information Criterion: A criterion for selecting among nested econometric models.Source: Davidson and Mac Kinnon, 1993, p 78-79 Contexts: econometrics; statistics; estimation ACIR: Advisory Council on Intergovernmental Relations, in the U. Contexts: organizations active measures: In the context of combating unemployment: policies designed to improve the access of the unemployed to the labor market and jobs, job-related skills, and the functioning of the labor market. Contexts: statistics; econometrics AEA: American Economics Association AER: An abbreviation for the American Economic Review.Contexts: journals affiliated: From Milgrom and Weber (Econometrica, 1982, page 1096): Bidders' valuations of a good being auctioned are affiliated if, roughly: "a high value of one bidder's estimate makes high values of the others' estimates more likely." There may well be good reasons not to use the word correlated in place of affiliated.

That is, net investment is a function of the change in output not its level.

Synonym for 'maintained hypothesis.' Source: Davidson and Mac Kinnon, 1993, p 78-79 Contexts: econometrics; statistics; estimation Americanist: A member of a certain subfield of political science.

Contexts: political science AMEX: American Stock Exchange, which is in New York City Contexts: organizations a ML: A programming language/environment for maximum likelihood estimation, allowing complicated error specifications. Contexts: estimation Amos: A statistical data analysis program, discussed at

If such limits exist they provide one explanation for firms to develop internal R&D capacities. Contexts: IO; organizations; theory of the firm abstracting from: a phrase that generally means "leaving out".

R&D departments can not only conduct development along lines they are already familiar with, but they have formal training and external professional connections that make it possible for them to evaluate and incorporate externally generated technical knowledge into the firm better than others in the firm can. A model abstracts from some elements of the real world in its demonstration of some specific force.

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