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We look for humor in a person because we want them to feel good by being with us and we want them to feel good about themselves in their decisions.We also want ourselves to feel good and to relax and have fun and a great time.We set off with a definite view of the perfect dating partner.

It is often leveled as a criticism in attractive people that they don’t have very strong personalities because they have traded on their looks for too long.Either way, we enjoy the company of another because we make each other feel good about themselves. Where relationships begin to crack later is where the understanding and support is replaced by criticism due to internal frustrations of lack of support.Initially when we date, this understanding and acceptance is displayed through many different methods from conversation and laughter in agreement on a topic, to agreement in places to visit on dates and food to eat, drinks to consume, movies to go see etc.It was believed that with the challenging and stressful years of career building, child raising and each individual's growth and change behind them, a couple would be stronger and closer than at any time in their history.... Dating Housewives Meet US wives who are looking for discreet relationships on the side.

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