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Officers found her locked in a bedroom and she told them she was "fearful" of Fanjul.The police report notes that both Fanjul's and Mortimer's "speech was slurred" and both "appeared intoxicated."Despite the incidents, the relationship continued.It only aired for one season in 2010 and followed the "Park Avenue Princess" and her fractious friends around the city as they hurled insults at one another ("Die in a fire. Tinsley and Topper were in the midst of a divorce, and her participation reportedly "caused her to lose her elusive social status." A review called Mortimer "a socialite presenting a compelling study in contemporary vulgarity." Topper, it turned out, had long been skeptical of Tinsley's desire for fame."It's not necessarily the type of goal that anybody should strive for, going out every night for the sake of self-promotion and getting their pictures taken," he told the in 2007.

"Everybody wanted to be Tory because Tory Burch had parlayed being attractive and going to parties and being on the committees and being in the right dress at the right time, in the right place with the right people, into what became a billion-dollar empire.("I had become well known for helping guide the social girls that wanted to be models, or wanted to have products, or wanted to be designers.") "Tinsley said, 'Couri, all I want to do is be a little socialite,'" says Hay.At the time, Mortimer was working for Harrison & Shriftman as an events planner (she'd also been a beauty assistant at ), and Hay advised her to quit her job.Tinsley Mercer Mortimer, 40, was once the most photographed young woman in New York City.She seemed to have everything a certain kind of person might want: an important name, her picture everywhere, a budding career on the fashion/social/reality-show circuit.

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