Consolidating windows domains

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You'll get another email from us when everything is ready to use.We're excited to announce that all of [Contoso] users from [Contoso_sub1] and [Contsoso_sub2] will now be joining us on the [] Yammer network.We're ready to start collaborating more efficiently!Please sign in to Yammer today, using your [] email and regular password for that account.Then in step 2, the active and pending users and external networks are migrated in parallel.

You can do this manually or by creating a Windows Power Shell script.

Important tasks to do before [date] Down time Please do not use the [] Yammer network from [date] to [date].

We'll be adding groups and group files from the [Contoso.sub] network.

Join the new "One company - one Yammer network" group.

We want your input to make our new consolidated network help everyone's voice be heard.

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