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One suspects that virtually all of the album's flaws, from its overstuffed tracklist to its lack of consistency, could have been avoided had the band taken its time writing, vetting and selecting songs for .Conor Oberst might be in a hurry to redefine himself as an artist but I suspect that until he learns a thing or two about quality control, he'll have quite a bit of trouble stepping out from behind that long shadow.Regardless, there's still plenty of meat to be found on these bones, at least as far as the music is concerned.Belying its name, opening number "Slowly (Oh So Slowly)" kicks things off with a bang.This must have seemed like a thoughtful, egalitarian gesture at the time and certainly reinforces the idea that the Mystic Valley Band -- unlike Bright Eyes -- is a "real" band.

In his review of a Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band show for this publication, Joseph Carver noted that Oberst, like his peer Ryan Adams, wants "desperately to be part of a band and less a personality".

That's understandable given that both men have inadvertently created cults of personality that overshadow their musical output, threatening to limit their mobility as songwriters (both Ryan Adams and Conor Oberst audiences are known for insistently demanding that quotas of so-called "sad bastard music" are met).

While reinvention is hardly novel in the world of rock 'n' roll, the most successful metamorphoses take time -- especially for artists who have devoted their careers to writing from a single perspective.

Lyrically, both songs are a bit weak, tackling philosophical questions yet failing to arrive at profound conclusions.

Still, you can't exactly blame Freitas for holding back on a record where he isn't given top billing.

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