Conditional formatting not updating

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Watch this video to see the steps for applying conditional formatting to pivot tables cells.

Then adjust the rule, so new cells are formatted if the pivot table layout changes. In Excel, you can use conditional formatting to highlight cells, based on a set of rules.

If you change the name, the rule removes the highlight. When you reassign the record, you want the highlight to disappear, as shown in Figure A.

The record no longer belongs to Bill, the project leader. On the other hand, if John is the new project leader, you must update the underlying rule because you want the highlight to remain.

When changes occur frequently, you should re-evaluate the setup.

The project leader position is the condition, not the name of the person who happens to be the project leader at any given time.

When altering the data set (to include a more stable condition) isn't possible, you can reference the changing condition in the sheet as shown in Figure B.

To apply conditional formatting: The cells with above average values are highlighted.

When you apply conditional formatting to a block of cells in the pivot table, the formatting rule is applied to those cells only.

To follow this article, you can work with any simple data set or download the example or workbook.

Ordinarily, conditional formats adjust as you enter and update values.

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