Concurrency erro when deleteing or updating multiple primary key fields

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That is, you cannot specify multiple array filter documents for the same identifier.For example, if the update statement includes the identifier document is well-defined and not bound to the order specified in the query If you attempt to insert a document in this way, Mongo DB will raise an error.You cannot have an array filter document for an identifier if the identifier is not included in the update document.) in the update document, you must specify exactly one corresponding array filter document.In other words, the numeric value will increment each time you call operation should fail, the application could simply retry the operation.This would risk updating the counter twice, but you could probably tolerate a slight overcounting or undercounting of website visitors.(For more information, see Update Expressions.) Within the update expression, you use expression attribute values as placeholders for the actual values.(For more information, see Expression Attribute Values.) aws dynamodb update-item \ --table-name Thread \ --key file://\ --update-expression "SET Answered = :zero, Replies = :zero, Last Posted By = :lastpostedby" \ --expression-attribute-values file://\ --return-values ALL_NEW operations.

Do not explicitly set the write concern for the operation if run in a transaction.In addition, the batch operations read and write items in parallel to minimize response latencies.This section describes how to use these operations and includes related topics, such as conditional updates and atomic counters.Your applications benefit from this parallelism without having to manage concurrency or threading.The batch operations are essentially wrappers around multiple read or write requests.

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