Concept of dating script

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Members are complaining that with the discounts and free dinner offers the dinners are becoming too cheap and they would be happy to pay more, so that perhaps the events will be classier, more expensive and exclusive.

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But a better suggestion I would like to make is that you bring along 2 friends and you pay for them they have a free dinner each paid for by you.

The restaurant again charged us half price and gave me a whole lot of free food to take home for the week as I live alone. I was out of office yesterday, I just got your mail. I would take what happened on the night of your birthday as a prophetic indication or significance Let me say it’s a privilege and a pleasure to collaborate with you on this project.

Rest assured that I take my role as the Senior Publishing Consultant assigned in working for your book project, very seriously and will put the same pride and dedication into making your book a success as if it were my own work.

Unfortunately, they were both no longer on the roof as they had Gone With The Wind.

She said she could bring something along to the dinner the next night, if I were to come to her dinner, (as “after all, tomorrow is another day” and I said “Don't worry about it, it doesn't matter, that is present enough” (“frankly my dear, I don't give a damn).

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