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How do we balance the reverence needed with this issue while working to engage an audience to not only stay awake, but be fired up to engage in making change? Topics examined include the role of the attorney, common errors made by custody and psychological evaluators, destructive myths and discriminatory attitudes that influence judicial behavior, and public misconceptions about custody.The Battered Woman in Child Custody & Visitation Disputes Lundy Bancroft This workshop explains how and why family law courts are so badly abandoning abused women and their children across the U. The presenters then move into examining how to right these wrongs through strategies for empowering battered women, training attorneys and courts personnel, and building a powerful grassroots movement for family court reform.The presenters will suggest strategies for analyzing the culpability of victims who have engaged in criminal activity and appropriate considerations for making decisions regarding charging and sentencing.Attachment & Trauma: Healing the Mother-Child Attachment After Domestic Violence Ruth Guerreiro This workshop will explore how domestic violence affects the relationship a mother has with her children.The workshop concludes by highlighting local resources such as "safe haven for animals" programs.Assessing Culpability in Human Trafficking Cases Jane Anderson, Brooke Grona-Robb Human trafficking is a complex crime, often involving a wide range of criminal activity and victimization beyond that proscribed in trafficking statutes.

Additional considerations may be required where victims of trafficking have themselves engaged in criminal conduct.Appropriate for anyone engaged in prevention work, this workshop will address important and modifiable risk/protective factors of ARA, as well as best practices for screening, prevention, and treatment. Such reactions are survival based and rudimentary, and, qualitatively, they are both functional and dysfunctional.The Body Never Lies: Social Neuroscience & the Effects of Trauma Mischa Peck It is impossible to hide. The reptilian, the mammalian and the left and the right cerebral cortex always are active. During this session, attendees will be introduced to the neuroscience of trauma the social neuroscientific consequences of trauma.Native women are at the highest risk of both physical and sexual assault and are over-represented as victims of human trafficking in communities across the U. This workshop suggests strategies for protecting Native women and recovering the missing.Animals & Domestic Violence: Another Tool of Manipulation Kelsey Mc Kay, Maya Gupta Animal cruelty and threats to harm pets are tactics commonly used by batterers to coerce and intimidate human family members.

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