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It's an app that gives women the power to talk first and I think that fact means that confident women are more common.

Also doesn't have the negative connotation of Tinder.

The girls will give the illusion of wanting to find a nice guy and date but really they just want a hook up. But you will have to go often and at some point you will come across a girl who you will be fond of.

Colorado Springs has been the home to some very interesting characters, including Nikola Tesla, Robert Heinlein, Charles M.

If anyone knows a good place like that would love to know, thanks As a young single guy, this thread is simultaneously depressing and oddly encouraging. Good Company and Dublin house were my stomping grounds.

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Otherwise, keep your options open and you'll find a great girl where you least expect it Since I'm a college student it's hard to say what dating is like outside the campus, but there are definitely lots of people in their early 20s living in the area so you don't have that jump from college kids to married 30 year olds.

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I moved here about a year and a half ago from Columbus, OH.

I guess it's features that black people have that they don't like? There's a distinct lack of "young professionals" in this town.

There are college students and then the demographics skip to 30 year olds with kids. That being said, met my current man candy on Bumble.

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