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There’s enough shows on Netflix that you’ll never be able to plow through all of them before something new comes out.In fact, Netflix has made it so easy to watch your favorite content, from crime dramas to stand-up comedy, that the internet entertainment company has invented a whole new term for television on its own: the binge watch.It doesn't quite hit the highs of is both a loving tribute to 1980s science-fiction and horror, while also telling the story of four children growing up in the '80s who find their town hides supernatural secrets.

I can only assume that going two years without playing any video games at all (blame CW) has left me irredeemably uncoordinated.So anyway, the first time I saw John kill a Bioshock bad guy and blood spatter across the screen, I cringed away and had to watch through my fingers. I finished the beginning cut scene, gripped the controller tightly in anticipation, and... But I guess I'll also lay off calling him a doofus. Fortunately, though, the game gives you lots of less gory (and far more entertaining) options for whoopin' up on the baddies. Essentially a romantic-comedy sitcom, is secretly one of the best sitcoms of the 2010s, and if you haven't started watching it, there's never been a better time than now.Season six was recently added to the Netflix library; the seventh and final season recently wrapped its run in May of this year.

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