Code geass dating sim parody

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Shirley: They seem to forget that they're on the student council! Lulu may be smart, yet he wastes his brain on stupid things! Lelouch: He also didn't have much time to move, either. I can try to call-- Kallen: Can you enter the subway via the Azabu route?

Lelouch: Then be sure that you drive safely on the way back.

Rivalz: Well then, why don't you challenge one of the Elevens? Man: What are they trying to prove by killing innocent people?

Now His Royal Highness Prince Clovis, third prince of Britannia, will address the nation. Including of course the many cooperative Elevens who choose to serve the empire of Britannia!

Milly: "Oh, I wish my darling Lulu would be a serious young man!

If only he'd apply himself in school, he'd get high grades!

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