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And don’t even get us started on plastic banana clips.If you’re going to wear leggings, they should be reserved for exercise only.(Exactly.) Go with your favorite color—or experiment with something bright—but lay off the whimsical details.If you can see the underwire, then it’s time to toss it.It may be a handy place to leave reminders, post pictures, and create a secret vision board that you share with no one—but that’s why we have Pinterest.And if you’re looking to add some organization to your life, don’t get a cork board.But if you’ve let yours linger in your closet since the early 2000s (a.k.a.the last time peasant blouses were in style), it’s time to add it to your donation pile.

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You can still experiment with different silhouettes, from slouchy boyfriend jeans (cute and comfortable) to skinny jeans.

And if you’re going to break that rule (since we can all agree that they make for excellent loungewear) at least make sure they’re black, which looks more chic and flattering than bright, loud colors. Tequila that comes in a plastic bottle is a different story, one that’s depressing and has a sad ending. Not so much, and even less so if the said sweatpants have any sort of wording or phrase on the butt.

Not only is the quality likely sub par, but it also looks cheap, too. Let them go, please, for the love of all women in their 40s.

“The secret of staying young,” Lucille Ball famously joked, “is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.” To that, we’d also add (at least if you’re talking about crossing the threshold into middle age): living your days without certain objects that are beneath your newly exalted station in life.

Yes, turning 40 means you’re entering your best decade.

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