Clock with gps time updating

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In fact, if you don't use Clock Shark, you are probably wasting your money. Just click on their name on the list, or on their map pin.

Who’s Working Now let you see what jobs and tasks are being done so you know if everything is on schedule.

But you can't see them from inside the office or from a different job site.

You need eyes in the field to provide great service and stay on top of projects.

You can also mark employees as paid or unpaid to easily keep track of the payroll process.

If you're a man down on a job site you need to know it fast. As a company with approximately 30-35 employees, we have to know what jobs our employees are on at any given time. We are able to tell how many hours are being spent on each job.

When an emergency service call comes in you need to see who is closest and available to respond. You can easily see who's clocked in and where they are on a simple map. Ever wonder how many employees are on a job site right now? The mobile apps capture GPS coordinates from each clock punch. If someone forget to clock in or out, the notes section is ideal for letting us know what happened. As new clock ins and clock outs happen, the Who's Working Now screen updates automatically.

it will also support messages on the upcoming Dot Matrix products.

Visual GPS is a simple Windows utility that will read and interpret the NMEA strings that the GPS in the TM1000A generates.

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