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In September 2010, Tonkin made her film debut starring in the Australian action ensemble film Tomorrow, When the War Began.

In the film, which revolves around a group of teenagers waging a guerrilla war against an invading foreign power in their fictional hometown of Wirrawee, she played the role of the rich and uptight Fiona Maxwell.

However, since all of her prior knowledge about teen relationships came from magazines, she can be a bit naive and inexperienced in teenage issues.

Being a Frankenstein's monster herself, Frankie is portrayed as having light green skin and her body being stitched together.

Tonkin appeared in the music video for Miles Fisher's 2011 single "Don't Let Go".

In 2012, Tonkin opened a website about health with friend Teresa Palmer called Your Zen Life.

Frankie is the sweetest and kindest girl at Monster High, believing strongly that everyone's flaws make them unique.They remarked that because the characters are monsters, they had more freedom to do things that ordinary kids could not do.Kiyomi Haverly, Mattel's design vice president, said "Honestly, it was very surprising to us.The female characters are classified as Ghouls and the male characters are classified as Mansters.The characters are generally the sons and daughters, or related to monsters that have been popularized in fiction.

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