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series, is a certified masterpiece, developer Square had a high bar to clear when approaching the sequel. The game centers on a whole new set of characters, led by Serge, a teenager who discovers the existence of a parallel world and sets off with a group of friends to investigate.The result is one of the Play Station era’s best RPGs.Once you get a few hours of gameplay under your belt, you’ll realize what a remarkable game Bio Ware has made here.It blew the lid off the RPG world when it was released in 1998, and it’s still fun today.You play as an immortal being who has lived (and forgotten) many lives.

Developed by Intelligent Systems, the makers of , a Game Boy Advance title that came out in 2003.

Do you ever find yourself with 100 hours of free time and an urge to save the world?

If so, you’re probably in the mood for a role-playing game.

Mostly what you do is go from room to room, dispatching enemies and solving puzzles to move into the next room.

Standout features include the path-blazing weapon creation system, and the engrossing narrative that keeps pulling you on.

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