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She is enjoying all the limelight now, maybe when it all dies down she will have time to think about what she did and how she did do it to her girlfriend of two years and she may feel some remorse. In defence of Raver’s somewhat eccentric blog writing style and often piss-poor grammar, Cal should note that Rupert’s uber well-resourced US neo-liberal nutjob network can’t even get the basics right* –

* Possibly because when you’re foaming at mouth about Obama’s “socialism” yer book learnin’ done flies out the window.

Of course, I think that many women would leave their partners for a chance at love with Drew. Maybe I just believe in Drew as an awesome guy worth going for if you have the electric kind of connection. I personally think that people are upset with Tully because going into the house she was promoted as a uber cool lesbian.

Work was halted as a result of archaeological discoveries and planning questions were raised regarding the possible dwarfing of Christ Church Cathedral by the planned office blocks.Here are some of the gems from the story: “I was so confused” she [Tahlia] confesses “Before Tully went in, she was worried saying, ‘What if I cry too much? “And people were really angry with her when she hooked up with Drew. As expected Tully responded on the social media clearly still not getting it.I tried to defend her at the time.” With Tully flaunting her love for Drew Tahlia is wondering if she ever knew her girlfriend at all. Full story is in the Woman’s Day mag and there is an excerpt online here with the headline Tully and Drew are getting married…. But I just want to see if the chemistry is there up close?! I cannot believe she’s so glazed over that she doesn’t see what she did as horrific and that she’s been so blatantly callous towards her former girlfriend of TWO YEARS.At the time archaeological excavations were being carried out in the Christ Church area around High Street by the National Museum, who also made a request to carry out trial cuttings on the Wood Quay site.As the excavations were carried out the importance of this site as a Viking settlement became more and more apparent.

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