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On another note, anyone else hitting up the Billy Joel concert at the garden tonight?“Cause I'm in a, I'm in a New York state of mind…” frankiearms Wed Jul 18 2018 pm ESTE - Being "dead in the water" at the deadline will be a running theme for the next few years..E Thu Jul 19 2018 pm ESTJFC: since you’re leaving off the big 2 I’d say on the opening roster the only guy surfaced is Pionk.Clearly given some of the cheapish veteran guys on the roster they’re giving themselves jettison ability if a kid can take a place. E Thu Jul 19 2018 pm ESTRF4L: Ok, so on the JFC question we are basically saying that anyone who has played an NHL game in the past (obviously not including preseason) is excluded.

Hospo Thu Jul 19 2018 pm ESTThat being said without having that much to go on I’d say that Pionk, Howden will join Lias and Cheeto. That’s a lot to ask for an NHL team to incorporate.

I believe a player can play 24 games one year (as a rookie) and still qualify as a rookie the following season. Vic Thu Jul 19 2018 am ESTNYR prospects K' Andre Miller and Joey Keane will represent Team USA at the 2018 World Junior Summer Showcase.

I'd say any player who played with the Rangers last year, even if for a game or 2, is not on the list. r F4l Thu Jul 19 2018 pm ESTOLA: NYSTRANGER won last year. Miller is on Team USA Blue's roster, and Keane is on Team USA White's roster.tlats Thu Jul 19 2018 am ESTPardon the interruption my wall friends, I came on the site to "refresh" and posts I have read earlier are gone and out of order - I just want to see if the site is refreshing on my browser properly. In regard to VIRTA: I would agree with you if there was more evidence to that fact.

Also, Trouba is not asking the Jets for Mil per year, nor will he be getting that from the team.

Rhet0ric Wed Jul 18 2018 pm ESTstevie: Oh it was a snub for sure.

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