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Truths such as: the Catholic Church having been founded directly by Jesus Christ; the papacy; the Sacraments; the Immaculate Conception, and others. So, how can we "always be prepared" to make a defense of our Faith? Rule #2: Just learn a little bit more about your Faith each and every day. As a Catholic, I believe everything the Bible says!However, I don't agree with of the time that you are presented with a verse that "proves" the Church wrong, either: a) the verse has been taken out of context, or b) the verse simply doesn't say what they are trying to make it say.Recent Episode It's easy to blame your spouse for issues in the relationship, but maybe that's not the real source. David Clarke describes how he encourages couples to do a little self-examination. Listen Recent Episode It doesn't take much to strengthen or weaken a marriage.In fact, it's often the simple decisions you make every day that'll lead your relationship in one direction or the other.There is an answer, you just need to go and find it. We need to read it, pray it, learn it, and use it to bring our separated brothers and sisters back to the Church.

If we don't believe in all of it, if we each appoint ourselves Pope and throw out a doctrine here or a doctrine there, then our faith is no longer Catholic.Basically, there are 3 types of apologetics: natural apologetics, Christian apologetics, and Catholic apologetics.Natural apologetics builds the case for truths we can know from the "natural" light of reason.Back to top If you want to call yourself Catholic, but you want to pick and choose for yourself which of the Church's teachings to accept and which to reject, you give everyone else who calls themselves Catholic the right to do the same thing.For example, you believe women should be priests..the Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 1577 states, "Only a baptized man validly receives ordination...

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