Christian dating nonchristian

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Being a Christian and have been my whole life, I see both sides.

TL: DR I'm a non-Christian dating a Christian, why does my relationship get so much hate from some of the Christian community?Now not every mixed religion relationship is going to result in something as drastic as my brother (who also eventually regained his faith, having a kid can do that), but like you said it can be hard when it comes to raising children, and it makes it easier for the person of faith to compromise on his/her views. One parent must either grin and bite their teeth or contritely acquiesce.From a Christian's perspective, not abiding by church time and other Christian activities would be excluding the children from salvation.It goes against a common interpretation of some verses, so it's low hanging fruit.At heart, though, is that they are concerned for your boyfriend's future with their spouse, and for any future children that may arise.

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