Christian dating chaperones

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As with all theology and ethics, the case is not built upon one single verse or argument.

We will spend most time on the Biblical arguments, since these are most often neglected in favour of the pragmatic and cultural ones in contemporary debate. These are the six main lines of argument: Given that there is no single text explicitly banning this activity, how do we know what the Bible says?

It is said to be beneficial for people to accumulate as many different experiences of life as possible.

Pre-marital sex with several different partners is said to be one of these experiences.

Pressure continues to be brought to bear upon the church to accept non-marital sexual relationships as a normal and acceptable part of modern life, especially in the context of cohabitation (as opposed to marriage).

In the world’s eyes, sex is seen in several ways: It is said that there is a natural instinct or need (akin to a hunger for food) which we all have, and that to repress it is damaging to physical and mental health.

There is a tendency for Christians to assume that the world is much more sex-crazed than it actually is.There is no longer any stigma attached to pre-marital sex in our society.Pop stars do it, sports stars do it, politicians do it.Sex is "exciting" and is seen by some as an essential component of "a good weekend." It is no longer sufficient for a couple to be emotionally, spiritually or intellectually compatible.If they are really serious about each other they ought to discover whether they are sexually compatible too.

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