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What he gave me in learning the word is embedded in my spiritual psyche and mental capacity in a way that has protected me, and shaped my entire life for the better.I can remember him saying that teenagers were not supposed to date.I do believe that you will be attracted to your mate, as many singles fear the answer to this question, “How does God envision me finding a mate?” One lady told me that she dated a famous boxer (before he became famous), and that he cheated on her and broke her heart.And, I was tired of single leadership pretending that they were completely fulfilled.There is nothing wrong with having a desire for a beautiful relationship that results in marriage.For this reason, I put myself in boot camp when I turned about twenty.I started to search for scriptures that related to dating.

Finally, I joined a new church and saw the love oozing from the pulpit like cupid was God in the hallucinating flesh, had come down and found the biggest arrow he could find with its most potent love concoction for the pastors.

It confused me because he made it seem like we will have many people that we have commonalities with and be attracted to; pick one.

My strong belief has always been that there is a specific person that will match you spiritually in a way that someone else will not.

Of course, the support goes both ways, only furthering my point that for Christ’s sake, we do need each other in one capacity or another.

Each individual person has a different set of needs, and desires.

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