Chris isaak dating anyone

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The story recounted details about the proposal, including that it took place in front of the Lincoln Center Fountain and "she said yes — jumping up and down excitedly, and they were kissing." As the article notes, Isaac was performing at Shakespeare in the Park's Romeo and Juliet, so he wasn't the big name he is today.

It'd be surprising if an entire story about an adorable engagement was fabricated.

Alison "Ali" Hewson is an Irish activist and businesswoman.

On Lind's IMDb page (she's a director), they have "Maria Miranda" listed as her credit in a movie, as well as under "Alternate Names."Does she really have an alternate name? It's farfetched, but maybe she wanted to have two first names (Maria/Miranda just like her boyfriend, Oscar/Isaac).In addition, the Mirror called Miranda his "childhood sweetheart" in a 2010 article: "Oscar is still said to be engaged to childhood sweetheart Maria Miranda after proposing in December 2007." If she's someone he knew from childhood, rather than a fellow celeb, that would explain why she's so far out of the spotlight. There were rumors that they tied the knot and later got divorced, but no one knows for sure.Considering 2007 was nine years ago, a ton can happen in that time period — including a breakup, which seems like the most plausible explanation here.Raised in Raheny, she met her future husband at a young age at Mount Temple Comprehensive School and married him in 1982.She was awarded a degree in politics and sociology from University College Dublin in 1989.

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