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By the end of the night, all the students had obtained at least one We Chat contact.

Ulove, which matches ‘high-quality’ Chinese men to young, good-looking women in Ukraine, has more than 800,000 followers on Weibo.

China's now-ended one-child policy, carried out in a country with a strong cultural preference for boys, prompted many couples to abort female foetuses.

Mr Zhang Zhenxiao rushed up to two women, who paused, but continued walking. "No, the fact that you approached them means you did," Mr Cui said, patting him on the back.For decades, Chinese marriages were arranged through matchmakers or families.Even when the notion of "freedom to love" became popular after 1950, there were few social venues for people to snuggle and mingle."They are caught in a very difficult situation, especially for those with no money," said Ms Li Yinhe, a scholar of sexuality in China.Newspapers warn that a surplus of unhappy, single men in China could lead to an increase in human trafficking, sex crimes and social instability. In June, the Communist Youth League, a training ground for many top officials, organised a mass speed-dating event for 2,000 young singles in the eastern province of Zhejiang.

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