Chicago interacial dating

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It has been a very long time since I posted on this blog.A long time since any of us have, but for me it’s been years.You don't typically see eastern europeans or hispanics (except puerto ricans).I don't consider haitians or many dominicans to be hispanic though some certainly are.I typically don't limit myself as it pertains to women and wanted to know the over feel of dating out of one's race in the Chicago area.Right or wrong people in Chicago tend to view only relationships with blacks as interracial.Yes, this is mostly because of their family dogma which another poster referred to previously, but only for whites.Puerto Ricans are often a mix of several races, including black and will often date blacks. Seriously though (and most yuppies on here are completely ignorant of this from living in gentrified areas) if a black person is even 10 percent puerto rican, they will identify themselves as puerto rican, not black.

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That has been done in other threads more than a few times.

I know a lot of hispanics, mexican and south american and central american who will not date a black male.

Who here truly does not matter about the color of someones skin when it comes to finding a mate? I am not offended by someone not liking it because it is their preference to date within their race, but I ask myself, do people still look down on it?

I am knew to the area and just starting to date and find friends, but I would like to get an idea about Chicago view on this.

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