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Ho Chi Minh City retains the faded look of a European city, its many Western-style buildings dating from the period of French colonial rule.Most of the bars and restaurants that thrived in Saigon during the Vietnam War have closed their doors.The war ended in 1954 with a Geneva conference, which divided Vietnam into northern and southern zones.

French troops then seized control of the city, and the First (or French) Indochina War began.The elegant Cercle Sportif, a focal point of social life for Westerners after it was founded in 1912, is now a people’s museum.The old opera house, for 20 years the National Assembly Building, was converted to a national theatre. Description Dating a top model is not anymore a dream for guys for now, you could spend as much time as you wish with someone who has good reputation when it comes to modeling and entertainment. Age: 20 Location : Hanoi Occupation: Student/ Highly successful Model Height: 1.67m & 49KG Vital Stats: 32B 26 33 Spoken Language: English & Vietnamese Description Most often than not, simplicity is real beauty. Spoken Language: English & Vietnamese Description Have you ever dreamt of going out with a top model? She is one of the top class models in Vietnam who had been featured in ... Location : Hanoi Occupation: Runway Model & Photography Model & student. Ten for her slim and nice body that only a top runway model has and that ...

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