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Her head is bowed out of the site of the camera and swaying slightly.2.30am GMT: April seems pretty weary – she's trawling around and looks quite uncomfortable.12am GMT: April is prowling around her enclosure, head bowed.9pm GMT: Vet Dr Tim examines April’s udders and shows how he feels for discomfort in the pregnant giraffe.

He said: “Things are progressing nicely, slowly but nicely.“Giraffes have a long gestation period which is 15 months plus or minus 60 days, there is a long variability.“That is the unfortunate part.

She wrote: “Mother nature is in control and we are all along for the ride.

It’s a bit darker in that part of her enclosure so maybe she’s trying to get a better night’s sleep.4.15am GMT: Right now, April is trying to hide.

All Java Script used in Microsoft Dynamics 365 is added by creating Java Script web resources.

But one Facebook user wrote on the Animal Adventure Park’s page that it was a lesson in patience.

We do not recommend using j Query in form scripts and ribbon commands.

Utility libraries available in form scripts and ribbon commands.When you customize the Microsoft Dynamics 365 command bar, you can configure commands for controls that you add.Therefore, you can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 web services without having to write code to authenticate the user.I have enjoyed watching, learning and sharing…”6.53am: April seems content just lying down now, although she doesn’t look too comfortable.Who can blame her though, she could give birth any minute now.4.55am GMT: April is up and about now, but seems to be looking into her lover’s cage.

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