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Now, this does not normally change, so even if you have changed your IP, e-mail, etc.they can still pinpoint your device by your MAC address.With these tools, the aim is to catch as many of these online predators in the act of committing a crime.These tools are short-term ways of dealing with online “stings are an attractive technique because they produce much positive publicity and impressive short-term results, as measured by many arrests.But on their own, they do not solve the underlying conditions of most persistent crime problems.”Police officers have posed as prostitutes while others have pretended to be drug traffickers in order to catch criminals in the act.

Moreover, police have also used false websites offering child pornography to lure these predators.

Sometimes, investigators will create “a well-publicized Internet sting operation to create the impression that the Internet is a risky place for sexual predators, and that their hidden identities can be tracked down.” This is a long-term way of dealing with online predators.

Setting a time and a location between the online predator and the “child” is one way of catching predators, but there are other ways.

Now I want to find a solution to this as it makes me wonder what the hell is going on. I could have accepted it more had it been a temporary ban, even for a matter of a month or so, but I thought the permanent ban was a bit harsh.

So, I tried to beat the ban by changing my IP, using a new device (an Android phone) and a brand new e-mail account.

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