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If you are simply leaving it to chance, it is more of a possibility that you will end up landing where you don't want to.Once you land on the fifth island, the objective will unlock.Objectives: This is much easier when you are not in fever mode because you are moving at a slower pace, and have more control.You can do this on any island to coun, but it is best to perfect the landing from the first to the second island.

Objectives: So, you have been able to do a great slide. Fever mode will give you the extra kick you will need to touch the clouds.

If that doesn't work, great sliding a deep valley, with momentum, will get you up there.

Your best chance will be on the steep climbs on the third island. The best way to do this is continue to lean on the "touch teacher" to help show when to touch the screen to get a great slide, and when not to.

The best way to try for this objective is simply playing and getting to the fifth island a few times no matter what occurs, and then you will have a better idea where those speed coins are.

Also, and this is very important, make sure you are controlling where Tiny lands.

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