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– by a goddamned trampwhy do people keep complaining about 'old news on'?

for the last time: this is a news opinion and comment site!!!!

Most people in chat rooms are adults and who more than occasionally talk about adult subjects -- things children should learn from parents, not strangers in a chatroom. We have seen way too many children give just enough information about themselves to where it took only a matter of seconds to get their home addresses and phone numbers. Also, and to some parents disbelief, over the years we have had the unfortunate opportunities to assist in having over a dozen unwise testosterone filled young adults hauled off in handcuffs by various state and federal law enforcement agencies for committing serious illegal acts online.

has never pretended to be a breaking new site so stop complaining about it!

chat rooms are all poop in the 70 i was into cb radio (chaos central) kinda like the voice chat of now days but more like the wild wild west,people keying on each other whistling playing music drowning each other out..later on in the 90's i bought a computer.

there isn't a lot you can do to stop the sick freaks that pose as children, but it can't be that hard to stop your children going to meet strangers on their own?

parents are becoming less and less actively involved in their children's lives, and blaming things like videogames when their kid goes anti-social, instead of them not teaching their kid right from wrong.

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