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Teachers may enhance the classroom experience by leading students on web tours of related or useful sites, using pictures, diagrams, and even interactive models to help students visualize and engage with the materials presented in the course.We currently support two classroom technologies: a custom-written text chat program (which we’ll simple call chat hereafter), and the Wi Zi Q audio and whiteboard system.Watch your students; think about how they learn; pray about it, and make the best choice you can for them.Audio or video conferencing is not yet so broadly available as to enable all of our prospective students to use it.We are committed to finding and using appropriate technologies for course material, rather than chasing every new feature for its own sake. Every member of the chat session can see and reflect on what other members are typing into the main chat window.Our browser-based chat software was specifically designed by Dr.

The amount of time it takes to write a line or two, consider it, and hit “Enter” affords more opportunity for reflection.

Class sessions meet in real time on a regularly scheduled basis, usually once or twice a week for an hour to ninety minutes.

Some classes may meet more often or have extra sessions for course or standardized test preparation.

Bruce Mc Menomy to work with the Scholars Online environment and procedures and provide a reliable, low-cost, accessible method of class participation for all students regardless of platform operating system.

Scholars Online teachers use our text chat as the primary mode of class interaction for most but not all classes.

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