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1990 - 1990Jennifer Aniston and Charlie Schlatter played brother and sister in the early '90s sit-com 'Ferris Bueller,' which was based on the movie 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off.' Despite playing siblings on-screen, the two struck up a brief romantic affair.Jennifer Aniston is currently separated from Justin Theroux.

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It turns out that Jennifer and Charlie shared more than an onscreen family bond.At that point in her career, she still had the wide-eyed innocence about her that worked for the part of Emily.Ruben (Ben Stiller) is jilted on his honeymoon when he discovers his new wife cheating with a scuba instructor.Aniston gets a chance to play a flaky-free-for-all character and she does it exceptionally well. The surprising role featured Aniston as a woman suffering from chronic pain and personal turmoil.The movie premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival with a lot of buzz--especially for Aniston's makeup-less performance--though it was not a box office success after only being released in a small number of theaters.

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