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Of course women sometimes fall for their guy friends, which may put the relationship in an awkward place.

However, it's primarily women who complain of wanting male buddies, but having guy friend after guy friend eventually try to date or sleep with them.

The thing is every type of relationship has potential downsides.

Like, no one swears off same-sex friendships because there's a chance you might have a falling out over someone you both want to date.

Others are just really good at pretending to be a true friend when they want to date you the whole time.

Friendships with guys can be great, but they just have a built-in risk of him falling for you.

The second type will say, "Yeah, obviously men can have female friends without some hidden agenda.

I've been friends with a bunch of women for years" The first type of guy will tell you, "Nah, men can never really be friends with women.

But obviously not every man can be friends with every woman.

As a whole men have a bunch of tendencies that can cause cross-sex friendships to go wrong: That list paints a gloomy picture, but again, there are lots of real-world examples of successful male-female friendships.

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