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The second edition of the Inter Summer Village will kick off in July and August at Atahotel Naxos Beach in Giardini Naxos, which offers its young guests the chance to live a unique experience thanks to the thanks to the training sessions organized… Italy offers a vast artistic and cultural heritage unique in the world, especially in its big cities.For this reason, summer is the ideal season and a precious opportunity to admire the main places of interest of the major urban centers in… Today, 14th June 2018, Toscana Promozione Turistica presented to the Milan press a rich calendar of events on the Tuscan territory, from the coast to the countryside.The prestigious Cibo Nostrum event, now at its 7th edition, took place in Taormina and its surroundings, confirming itself as an international gastronomic event right at the foot of Mount Etna. For the 2018 summer holidays, we have decided to advise you on two particular destinations, where the sea, history and well-being are intertwined, giving life to unique and unforgettable experiences.Over 1000 chefs, 90 food companies, 50 wineries and many… Versilia, a corner of paradise nestled between the Apuan Alps and the sea, is able to offer much more than the beauty of its beaches and the warmth of its waters. Find out what they are, along with all the attractions around these charming seaside…The meeting and comparison between two great Mediterranean civilizations is at the centre of the fascinating Etruscan Egyptians exhibition; from Eugene Berman to the Golden Scarab that marks the debut, next December 21st, of the new space for temporary exhibitions at the Centrale Montemartini.The exhibition offers the opportunity to compare the two ancient cultures drawing inspiration from precious Egyptian objects, dating from the 8th to the 3rd century BC, and found in the recent excavation campaigns conducted in Vulci, an important city in southern Etruria.Crispy outside and creamy inside: we are not talking about a simple chocolate, but the very famous "gianduiotto".The typical chocolate-flavored little sweet is originary from Turin and it’s consumed all over the world thanks to its exquisiteness; not everyone knows, however, that its origins tell a compelling story that…

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If, as in the movie "We just have to cry" by Troisi and Benigni, you could go back to Tuscany between 14, you could meet Leonardo and Brunelleschi, Donatello and Michelangelo, Lorenzo the Magnificent and Savonarola among the streets of Florence.We are always eager to meet new passionate, dedicated and talented photographers out there, and waiting for your submission to join the team.As expected, EU support to Libyan Coast Guard is resulting in more people being intercepted at sea and then detained in Libya's detention centres, notorious for torture and inhumane conditions.The arrival of the beautiful season and the colors of spring awaken the desire to travel and spend a weekend with friends or family; for this reason, in this season it's a good idea to visit new cities, enjoy the first warm temperatures and immerse yourself in the blooming nature…Famous for its art, its cuisine, its culture and its palaces, Bologna preserves the traces of the civilization of the past and of the medieval splendor.

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